MacKENZIE, Beryl Marie Baskerville

1866 - 1949

Beryl Marie Baskerville MacKenzie was born at Dumfries, Scotland in 1866, only child of Edward Philippe MacKenzie (14 March 1842-3 September 1929) and his wife Helen Jane MacKenzie née Baskerville. In 1871, Edward Phillipe's father Edward Mackenzie purchased from the 3rd Duke of Cleveland, Downham Hall, Santon Downham, Suffolk, and had the Hall put into good order and in 1879 it was described as a 'noble mansion built of white Suffolk brick, situated in a well-timbered park...the heart of an extensive game preserve, and the gardens are laid out in the Italian style'. When Edward, sen. died in 1880, Edward Phillipe was left both the Fawley Court estate in Herefordshire and the Santon Downham estate, and £130,000. They were the last family to live at the Santon Downham estate and in 1918 it was sold for £75,310 and shortly after the Hall was demolished. In 1881, the family were living at their London home at 14 Seymour Street, Marylebone, 39-year-old Edward, who was born in France, and 37-year-old Helen, with 14-year-old Beryl, with six indoor servants. As Miss B. MacKenzie of Downham Hall, she exhibited at the 1882 Bury St Edmund's Fine Art Society, an oil painting 'Studies from the Round'. Beryl was ready to make her appearance 'in society' and The Morning Post of 6 March 1889 reports that 'Colonel and Mrs Philippe Mackenzie and Miss Beryl Mackenzie have arrived at 19 Wimpole Street from Downham Hall, Suffolk for the Season' and there were annual reports of Berylís arrival in London in 1885 until her marriage. Beryl married at All Souls' Church, Langham Place, London on 30 August 1890, Colonel, later Major-General Sir Geoffry Barton (22 February 1844-1922) and they had three children, Philip born in London in 1891, Charles born at Downham in 1893 and Joanna born at Croxteth Park, Norfolk in 1894, with all three being baptised at Downham. Maj. Gen. Geoffry Barton retired from the British Army in August 1904, and they settled in Craige, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Lady Beryl Marie Baskerville Barton died at Western House, Marlow, Buckinghamshire on 4 October 1949. There was a portrait of Mrs Geoffry Barton at Downham Hall 'Seated, body and face full, straw hat on head, white dress and nursing a dog'.

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