1940 - ?

Roy James

Roy W. James, was born in Bermondsey, London in 1940, son of Alfred John James, a printer, and his wife Ellen née Miller (1910-2014), who married at St James's Church, Bermondsey on 16 September 1933 and in 1939 were living at 25 Snowsfields, Bermondsey. An habitual doodler who enjoys sketching quick portraits of those around him which is not always welcomed. Paints mainly in oil and acrylics with palette knives to avoid too much detail, also carves soapstone to abstract shapes. In June 2015 he married Susan Adcock [q.v.]. A member of Mellis Arts from Weybridge House, Earlsford Road, Mellis, Eye, Suffolk. http://www.royjames.com/blog

Works by This Artist