c.1965 - ?

Susan Adcock

Susan C. Adcock, although creative as a child, continually drawing and painting, Susan was unsuccessful in gaining entrance to an art school. After working at other things in her life and after many years away from art, in 2003 Susan joined her local Mellis Arts, and has since continued with her passion for painting and drawing. The year 2011 was the turning point for her art it was the year she developed her own style which in part was inspired by a house move which allowed me the space to create my own studio and to live surrounded by the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Painting in watercolour also working in acrylics and drawing in pencil, finding that her ideals are for nature, flowers, leaves and trees often being inspired her garden or by the countryside around her studio at Weybridge House, Earlsford Road, Eye, Suffolk. She married in June 2015, Roy James.

Works by This Artist