1912 - 2004

Sylvia Dillon-Gibbons

As Sylvia Mary Pollak, she was born at Willesden, Middlesex on 12 April 1912, daughter of Justin Erwin Pollak (2 December 1871-7 March 1951), a chartered patent agent, and his wife Agnes Blanche née Wheeler (15 April 1881-28 September 1970), who married at Paddington in 1904. Sylvia was the first female buyer in the furniture department at Heals of London and in 1939, was an unmarried freelance artist, decorator with journalistic experience, living at 2 Regents Court, Marylebone, London with her mother Agnes and sister Vivian Agnes (born 10 January 1915), an art student. As Pollack, she married at Marylebone, London on 9 October 1946, Philip Allen Dillon-Gibbons (1912-23 October 1950). After the death of her 38-year-old husband, Sylvia and her parents moved to Reydon Cottage, Southwold, Suffolk where both her parents died. Sylvia organised workshops for the Southwold Art Circle and exhibited several her own collages. Sylvia Mary Dillon-Gibbons lived at Depewell, 55 Wangford Road, Reyden, Southwold, Suffolk where she died on 3 January 2004, aged 92.