1958 - ?

Hugo Grenville

As Hugo Gerald Morgan-Grenville, he was born at Hampstead, London on 5 August 1958, eldest child of Gerard Wyndham Morgan-Grenville (26 March 1931-2 March 2009) and his first wife Virginia Anne née Peto (born 27 June 1935), who married at Westminster, London on 27 April 1955. Hugo Grenville first exhibited in London at the Chelsea Art Society from Eton, at the age of 15, and he travelled the Hippy Trail to India before joining the Coldstream Guards, serving as an officer in Northern Ireland, West Africa, Zimbabwe during the Civil War, and finally as an Aide-de-Camp to C-in-C British Army of the Rhine, and always had his painting kit ready to hand when on active service, being known as 'Picasso' by his fellow soldiers. On leaving the army, he spent a year in advertising, followed by five years dealing in corporate art. During this time, he studied painting part-time at Chelsea School of Art and the Heatherley School of Fine Art and commenced exhibiting in London and in 1989, he sold his London flat and car and commenced painting full-time, living cheaply in the country. He married at Tenbury, Worcestershire in 1992, Sophia Caroline Andrews and they had two sons, Hector William, and Oscar Constantine. In 1996, Hugo and his wife, purchased a derelict Georgian farmhouse in the Waveney Valley at Mendham, Suffolk on the Norfolk border. They restored it from dereliction and established a successful summer painting school in a studio in their garden at The Red House, Mendham. Hugo Grenville is a well-known painter with an international reputation who, from 1995 to 2006, was signed up by Messum Fine Art and he shows with the New York gallery Wally Findlay, and in London with Josie Eastwood. In 2005, they moved to London.

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