GRUBBE, Marie Ellen

1879 - 1951

Mrs Lawrence Seymour Grubbe

As Marie Ellen Lucas, she was born at 21 Queen’s Square, Holborn, London on 10 June 1879, daughter of John Seymour Lucas, artist figure painter, and his wife Marie Elizabeth Cornelissen of Paris, daughter of Louis de Cornelissen of Queen Street, West London, who married at St Giles-in-the-Fields, Bloomsbury, London on 18 July 1877, Marie was a brother to Sydney Charles Seymour Lucas who painted his sister's portrait, Mrs Marie Seymour Grubbe. A miniature painter who, as Miss M E S Lucas or as Mrs M E Grubbe, exhibited at the Royal Academy also also showed at the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and Southwold, Suffolk from The Priory, Blythburgh, Suffolk. She married at St Mary's Church, West Hampstead, London on 23 June 1909, Lawrence Carrington Grubbe. In 1939, a widow, living at The Priory, Blythburgh, Suffolk and where she died on 4 November 1951, leaving an only daughter, Margaret Julia Maria Grubbe. An oil painting (28.5 x 38.8cm.) 'Onions, a Tomato, a Pitcher and a terracotta Mug on a Table' sold at Christie’s (lot 410) on 13 May 1999 and realised £264. She is often conflated with her artist mother who painted under Marie Seymour Lucas, Marie E Lucas, Mary Ellen Cornelissen, or Lucas &c. who also exhibited at the Royal Academy from Woodchurch Road, West Hampstead.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from New Place, Woodchurch Road, West Hampstead, London
1903 Henry Prince, Esq.
1906 Mrs Richardson
1907 Mrs F A Toynbee
1908 Mrs Francis T Cotton
as Mrs M E Grubbe from 96 Abbey Road, North London
1910 A Portrait
         Capt L C Grubbe
from Southwold, Suffolk
1914 1589 Margaret Julia Marie, daughter of the late Capt Laurence Grubbe
         1598 Peggy
from Woodchurch Road, West Hampstead, London
1916 1141 A Portrait
         1165 M J M G
1918 Mowbray, son of Ernest C M Treherne, Esq.
          Mrs Robert Bevan
          A Portrait
1920 Lieut R J Brooke-Booth, RN, DSC

Works by This Artist