GOWERS, Albert Robert

1868 - 1950

Albert Robert Gowers was born at Ipswich on 30 May 1868, son of Stephen Gowers (1827-4 May 1893), a licenced victualler, of Stowmarket, Suffolk, and his wife Mary Ann née Green (1829-1892) of Ipswich, who married at Ipswich in 1854, Albert was a brother to Arthur Gowers. In 1881, the family were living at the Crown Tavern, 2 Fitzroy Street, Ipswich but the following year Albert was of 2 Cardigan Street, Ipswich. A member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1886-1895 but in 1885 had exhibited from 11 Chenery Street, Ipswich, 'Freston Wood' and 'A Quiet Afternoon' and exhibited over twenty works 1885-1893 from Ipswich including in 1889 ‘The Gipping, near Bramford’ and in 1890 ‘The Road by the River’ and his painting 'Morning on Bucklesham Heath' was sold at an auction at Ipswich Art Gallery in October 1896. In 1891 a ‘carver & gilder’ living at the Crown Tavern, 2 Fitzroy Street, Ipswich with his parents and ten years later a ‘carver, gilder & picture frame maker’ living at East End Cottage, Freehold Road, Ipswich with his 37-year-old unmarried sister Maria. Albert married at St John the Baptist Church, Ipswich on 4 June 1902, Edith Maude Cox (18 February 1872-10 January 1970). Albert was declared bankrupt in 1932 when his business was at 6 Tacket Street, paying out a dividend 4s.3d [21p] in the £1 in 1938. In 1939, a picture restorer, living at 15 Marlborough Road, Ipswich with his wife Edith, with a shop at 3 St Lawrence Street, Ipswich. Albert Robert Gowers died at Eye, Suffolk in 1950, aged 83.