MacNAMARA, Helga Winifred

1906 - 1986

As Olive Helga Winifred McCormick, she was born at St Peters, Jersey, C.I., on 9 December 1906, daughter of Andrew Lewis Charles McCormick (1870-1943), an officer in the Royal Engineers, and his wife Winifred Anne Sarah, née Fairweather (1872-1967), who married at Jalandar, Bengal on 26 November 1895. In 1911, a 4 year old boarder, together with her 38 year old mother, born at Simla, India, and her sibling sister, 7 year old Sheila, they were boarding at Beaumont, St Peters, Jersey, the home of farmer John Hamling and his family. Known as Helga, she married at Kensington, London in 1935, Playford Rawdon MacNamara (1902-1994). A member and exhibitor at the Beccles Society of Artists 1977-1986. She died at Wood Farm, Bruisyard Road, Peasenhall, Suffolk on 21 January 1986.