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Sahra Dunford

Sahra Dunford, grew up in the small village of Pettaugh, near Ipswich. After leaving school she led a free life and until recently lived in a bus, in which she travelled all over the U.K. and abroad, but always returned to Suffolk. Sahra has worked as a gardener, decorator, joiner and has built a conference room on a Dutch barge but, as a keen photographer, had her camera over her shoulder. In her mid 40s, Sahra took an art degree at University Campus Suffolk and is an artist and photographer, working across a range of media including lens-based, installation, sculpture, and printmaking. Her work demonstrates a fascination with the processes of nature and time and her artwork for 'Special Needs Information Press' entitled ‘Time and Tide’, encompasses the passing tides. Her multiple plaster forms are next to a Suffolk River near Snape, the forms demonstrate the action of tidal energy over the course of successive tides. She exhibited at the Aldeburgh Festival in 2013 with seven other Suffolk University students including Alexander Osborne and Andrei Costache.

Works by This Artist