1936 - ?

As Pamela Dorothy Pickering, she was born at Ipswich in 1936, daughter of Frederick Charles Pickering (27 November 1910-28 November 1973) and his wife Dorothy Alice née Barber [Cracknell] (3 March 1912-12 February 1990), who married at Ipswich in 1934. As Pamela Dorothy Hooper, she married at Ipswich in 1967, Barry G. Marshall [q.v.] and paints under the name of Pamela Marshall. A Friend at the Ipswich Art Club and exhibited at the 131st Annual Open Exhibition, Ipswich Art Society at The Robert Cross Hall, Corn Exchange, Ipswich in 2008, from 2 St Edmunds Road, Ipswich in 2006 two items, 'School of Fish I' and 'School of Fish II' both mounted painted copper fish swimming in front of driftwood.