EDWARDS, Antonetta

1861 - 1942

Antonetta Edwards, was born at Pittington, Co. Durham on 26 April 1861, daughter of Revd John George Edwards (1822-1862), vicar of Pittington, and his wife Frederica Louisa nťe Powles (1832-1905), born at Upper Clapton, London. In 1871, Frederica, was a 38 year old widow, living at 47 Crown Street, Bury St Edmundís with three children John 15, Louisa Maria 14 [q.v.] and Antonetta 9, plus Frederica's 32 year old unmarried sister Fanny Powles. As Miss Edwards, Antonetta exhibited at Ipswich Fine Art Club from 47 Crown Street, Bury St Edmund's in 1883, four small table lots 'Vase' and a pair of vases, and two plaques, in 1884 'A Pillar of the Old Abbey, Bury St Edmund's', in 1885 'Cat's Head from Nature', an 1884 exhibit is only listed at Miss Edwards and may be by her sister Louisa Maria. By 1901, Antonetta, her sister Louisa and her mother had moved to 49 Crown Street and where Frederica died in 1905. In 1911, Anonetta and her sister Louisa were living at 26 Churchyard, Bury St Edmundís. In 1939, living at 2 Abbey Ruins, Bury St Edmund's still with her elder sister Louisa Maria. Antonetta died at Abbey Ruins, Bury St Edmundís on 16 December 1942, aged 81, she was unmarried.