1913 - 1978

Born at Ipswich on 16 February 1913, daughter of Algin Arthur Quantrill (1884-1958) and his wife Elizabeth Sarah née Moss (1882-1954), who married at Ipswich in 1912. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1945-1963 and exhibited watercolours from 39 Derwent Road, Ipswich in 1944 'Poppies', in 1945 'Gaillardias' and 'Iris', in 1946 'Roses', in 1947 'Pink Rosebuds' and Aquiligia', in 1948 'Japonica and the Swan' and 'Great Grandmother's Jug', three works in 1949 and 'Tulips' in 1950, her last exhibits were in 1957 when she had on show 'A Study of Magnolia'. She died at Ipswich in 1978, she was unmarried.

Note: there is a Mrs. Ada V. Quantrell (1881-1960) who was a member of the Norfolk & Norwich Art Club in 1959 from Norwich, with whom she is sometimes conflated.