WELLS, Margaret Caroline [Bruce]

1909 - 1998

As Margaret Caroline Bruce she was born at Murthly, Perthshire on 13 June 1909, daughter of doctor. After St Margaret's School Scarborough she attended Glasgow School of Art 1928-1933 then Brook Green School under Leon Underwood (1890-1975) until 1935 but, in return for extra tuition, remained at the school until the outbreak of the Second World War whilst living with the family of her tutor and in 1939 they were living at 12 Girdlers Road, Hammersmith, London, an artist, wood engraver & book illustrator and during the war she was an ambulance driver. In 1953 she married George Crichton Wells FRCP (13 July 191416 January 1999), living in Chicago, USA for a short time, where she studied drawing at the Art Institute. Before her marriage she hs exhibited under her maiden name of Margaret Bruce but later as Margaret Wells. A creator of wood engravings and lino-cuts, she exhibited at the Royal Academy and the Society of Wood Engravers of which she was made an honorary member in 1995. Margaret lived at Sibton, Suffolk for over 20 years and where she died in 1998. Her life was documented by her niece Maggie McCune in 'Margaret Bruce Wells' (Woodbridge 2000).

Works by This Artist