1943 - ?

Born at Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1943. She studied at Brunnel University, London 1968-1973 for a BA in Psychology & Sociology, Institute C.J.Jung, Zurich, Switzerland 1972-1975, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, Postgraduate Studies in Early Music (harpsichord) 1977 and was a harpsichord decorator in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before concentrating on her own painting in 1982. In 1982 she studied at St Martin's School of Art then moved to Paris where she was critically received and presented by the critic Jaques Bouzerand (1939-2014), in the forum 'L'art de Ia Critique' and had a number of other exhibitions. Producer of allusive enigmatic images in mixed media, collage and paint she exhibited at Durham Art Gallery and DLI Museum 1997 and Contact Gallery 1998 and had a solo exhibition 'Harbour Works' at Heffer Gallery, London and Swan House Gallery, Beccles in 1999, Buckenham Galleries, Southwold, Suffolk 2000, Frames Gallery Norwich and Toucan Gallery Beccles in 2002.