1925 - 1997

Joan Lever was born at Willesdon, London on 14 June 1925, daughter of Eric Joseph Lever (17 February 1897-2 July 1970) and his wife Glady Dinah née Jacobs (26 December 1902-15 July 1976), who married at Hampstead in 1924. Joan was educated in London and in South Africa where she lived 1937-1949, being involved in hospital and social work. Joan obtained an art diploma from the Continental School of Art in Cape Town 1947-1949, studying under Maurice van Essche (1906-1977) after which she returned to England where she studied at St Martin's School of Art 1949-1952, under Kenneth Martin (1905-1984), Peter de Francia (1921-2012), Frederick Gore (1913-2009) and others. In the mid 1950s she worked for the Bolton Theatre Club and in 1957 married Finnbar Gibbings (March 1927-4 February 2020), son of artist & writer Robert Gibbings (1889-1958), from when she painted under the name of Joan Lever Gibbings, but they later divorced, their daughter was Cara Emma Fenwick. An artist in oil, she exhibited at The Castle, Cape Town 1952; Imperial Institute 1953; the first Gainsborough's House Gallery show at Sudbury 1959 and Colchester Art Society from 1979, having her first solo show at London Alpine Gallery in 1978. She lived in Suffolk and latterly at Ovington, Norfolk and as Joan Lever Gibbings, died on 1 May 1997.

Works by This Artist