BLAKELY, Zelma Muriel

1921 - 1978

Zelma Muriel Blakely was born at Kensington, London on 26 November 1921, daughter of James Francis Blakely (born 1877), in the colonial service, and his wife Imeon Marie née Matear, who married at Bromley, Kent in 1920. Educated in the United States and in England studying at the Kingston School of Art 1939-1942 and at Slade School of Fine Art 1945-1948 under William Coldstream (1908-1987), John Buckland Wright (1897-1954) and Randolph Schwabe (1885-1948), winning the Wilson Steer Gold Medal, and went on to teach at Heatherleys School of Fine Art. She married at Chelsea in 1948, artist Keith MacKenzie (1924-1983) and they had three sons, but she continued to paint as Zelma Blakely. A wood engraver, printmaker and who illustrated many books over a period of some thirty years including Sion's 'English Fare and French Wines' (1958) and Reader's Digest 'Bedside Book of Nature' (1959). Elected an Associate of Royal Society of Painter-Etchers in 1966 and was a member of the Ipswih Art Club from 1974 being a member of the committee, exhibiting from Rose Cottage, Pin Mill, near Ipswich in 1977 'Book Illustration', 'Bookplate' and 'Expecting' also exhibited a colour wood-cut 'Fish and Coral', and from Pin Mill was able to indulge in her hobby of sailing. She married secondly at Ipswich in 1977, Roy K. Waite, who was 20 years her junior. She died at Rose Cottage, Pin Mill on 6 September 1978.

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