BLACKDEN, Marcus Worsley

1864 - 1934

Marcus Worsley Blackden, was born at Great Malvern, Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire on 25 August and baptised on 18 September 1864, second son of Marcus Seton Blackden (1926-1916), an annuitant, and his first wife Fanny née Franklyn, who married at Kensington, London in 1862, Marcus Seton married secondly, Mary Elizabeth Cotter. Educated at Repton, Malvern, Worcester and in 1901, an artist, painter & sculptor living at 3 Wells Road, Marylebone, London with his sister, 28 year old Ada Mary Blackden, who was also an artist, painter & sculptor. Marcus married at St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, London on 3 February 1909, Hilda Alethea Franklyn (1885-1987), of Longcroft Hall, Yoxhall, and in 1911, a 46 year old, living on private means, at Langley Lodge, Fawley, Hampshire with his 25 year old wife Hilda and their only child, Olive Hermione Worsley [Plomer/Dixie] (15 January 1910-2002), who was also an amateur artist. A member and exhibitor at the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle in 1898, from Oulton Broad, Suffolk. Blackden was also an Egyptologist and volunteered as a member of the archaeology survey at Beni Hasan in Egypt 1891-1892, when he made some coloured drawings but illness intervening, and these were completed by Howard Carter, but Blackden was the author of two books on this archaeological survey 'Collection of Hieratic Graffiti from the Alabaster Quarry of Hat-Nub' (1892) and 'Ritual of the mystery of the judgment of the soul: From an ancient Egyptian papyrus' (1914). He died at Langley Lodge, Blackfield, Fawley, Hampshire on 21 September 1934, aged 70, being survived by his widow.

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