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Bartlett School of Architecture

In 1841, University College London became the first British university to appoint a chairman of planning, Thomas Leverton Donaldson, a founding member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). In 1914 The Department of Urban Planning merged with the School of Architecture and in 1919 the faculty was named after its benefactor, engineer, and contractor Sir Herbert Bartlett as The Bartlett School of Architecture. Their alumni have made waves in the worlds of architecture, design, manufacturing, education and research, curating, urban planning, governance and policymaking, filmmaking and more. Originally based in the UCL Quadrangle, the school moved to its 22 Gordon Street location in 1974. In December 2016, following a four-year, £30 million refurbishment and extension the school moved back into its radically transformed home. The building contains brand new studios, shared working areas, a contemporary exhibition space, innovative facilities such as the new B-made workshop and they expanded to premises in East London in 2018. University College London is part of the University of London. Suffolk artists who have studied at the Bartlett School include Bo Ditlefsen, Peter Browning Dunham, Elsie Evelyn Few, Birkin Haward and lecturers included Douglas Miller and Cyril Edward Power.