1875 - ?

John Tibbenham was born was at Rendlesham in Suffolk in 1842, but not baptised at St Gregory the Great, Rendlesham until 8 June 1845, son of William Tibbenham, a gamekeeper, and his wife Mary Ann. John was apprenticed to carver & gilder George Saloman. In 1861 one of two apprentice carver & gilders living at the home of 36-year-old George Saloman and his Ann, at Dial Lane, Ipswich and their four young children. A carver & gilder, when he married at Ipswich in 1866 Emma née Davy (c1840-1909), of St Mary Stoke, Ipswich and was living in London in 1868 on the birth of his eldest son but was back in Ipswich for the birth of his second son in 1870. In 1871 a 28-year-old picture frame maker living at 16 Navarre Street, Ipswich with his 30-year-old wife and two young sons William 2 and newly born Arthur around which time he set up in Ipswich on his own account as a picture frame maker and many local pictures have the name of Tibbenham's on their frames. Later as a carver, gilder, and picture frame maker at 34 Carr St in Ipswich and in an advertisement in East Anglian Daily Times 2 July 1875, he stated that he had been foreman to the late Mrs Saloman. In 1881 a carver and gilder with his wife and four young sons at 34 Carr Street and employed three men and in 1891 with six sons William 22, a carver and gilder, Arthur 20, a photographer, Frank 16, an apprentice carver and gilder with scholars Lewis 12, Fred 9, and Percy 7. By 1892 he was also a picture dealer and restorer, picture frame manufacturer and artists’ materials dealer and he advertised in 1912 'Tibbenham's Art Gallery' at 34 Carr Street, Ipswich and in 1911 a widower at 32-34 Carr Street as a carver, gilder and print seller with two of his sons in the business, William Tibbenham and Percy Tibbenham 27. John Tibbenham died at 32 Carr Street, Ipswich on 16 February 1918, described as a picture frame maker and gilder, leaving effects worth £5,979 with probate granted to Frank Tibbenham, picture frame maker and gilder, and William Kersey, solicitor. His successors later moved the business to 19 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich. On the death of Percy Tibbenham in 1950 the famous Ipswich firm of picture frame makers & art gallery, continued for a time under his son John William Tibbenham but in a very much reduced form at 40a Foundation Street, Ipswich.

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