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Jane Beaumont

Jane Hepworth trained in textiles and, as an interior designer, has been a constant influence in her life and art practice. The sights and sounds of her early life in West Africa inspired her love of colour and texture and her desire to maximise texture in her work, led to the inclusion of collage. The accidental and serendipitous connections that random pieces of paper make during collage work can result in some exciting and innovative work and became the signature of her earlier work. Jane has used collage to teach online art courses to adults and family groups and these inclusive workshops were used to stimulate imagination and intuition, boost self-esteem and creativity. Daily sketchbook work will often see the inclusion of collage in her preparatory work for larger pieces and continue to appear within bigger work. Jane’s work is abstract in style and draws inspiration from the Suffolk countryside where she lives and the places that she has travelled, including Zambia, Ibiza, and Morocco. Jane exhibits at Art in East Anglia; Courtyard Gallery, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, with Saatchi Gallery in London and elsewhere. A member of Suffolk Open Studios from Hall Barn, The Street, Hepworth, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist