MILLER, Douglas

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Douglas John Miller completed his bachelor’s and master's degrees in architecture at University of London where his project ‘The San Francisco Columbarium’ won him the SOM Fellowship, Bartlett and Donaldson Medals. An illustrator and concept artist currently working in London. His drawings focus on architecture and detail featuring colourful, highly detailed compositions of surreal and fantastical architecture. Alongside editorial work Doug has worked for companies such as Netflix on concept design for films, often directly with the film makers themselves, helping bring their architectural visions to life. Doug is also a Lecturer at UCL's Bartlett School of Architecture teaching master's Landscape Architecture Studio 4. His architectural drawing has been published and exhibited internationally including at The Royal Academy, Slade School of Fine Art and Roca Gallery’s. His illustration work has been commissioned by publications such as The New York Times, Wired and Empire Magazine.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 85 King's Road, Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk
2016 257 The San Francisco Columbarium - digital print

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