1946 - ?

The Colchester Art Society was formed in 1946 for the promotion of the visual arts by a group of artists based in the Colchester School of Art. One of the founder members was Rowland Suddaby and some of the earliest members included were John Nash, Cedric Morris, Arthur Lett-Haines, Henry Collins and Roderic Barrett. For over 70 years the Society has maintained a lively programme of exhibitions and other activities, and the Society organises two major exhibitions each year in Colchester, one in the summer and one in the winter. These exhibitions are open to submissions from members and non-members but are subject to selection by a panel elected by the members and additional exhibitions are organised from time to time. Other activities include Spring and Autumn lectures delivered by prominent professional artists, organised visits to a variety of venues of art interest, and informal social gatherings and a newsletter is published every four months. Membership is open to all who practice, or have an enthusiasm for, the visual arts and has currently (2022) around 350 members.