1952 - ?

Barry Mickleburgh

Barry Antony Mickleburgh was born at Lowestoft, Suffolk in 1952, son of Geoffrey Antony Marcus Mickleburgh (1 December 1922-12 April 1991) and his wife Joan Barbara née Hood (11 December 1927-1995), who married at Lowestoft in 1951. Barry studied at the Staatliche Art Academy, Karlsruche, Germany and at the Norwich School of Art graduating B.A. (hons) in Fine Art Painting. He spends a great deal of time on preparatory work, observing and sketching the behaviour, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies of wildlife. Many of his works, particularly the birds, derive from his drawings made in the fields and woods around his home or in the National Parks of America. He uses the traditions of oil on linen to portray his satirical observations of human nature. He has had solo shows at Revelation Gallery, Long Beach, California; Raw Gallery, Tower Bridge, London; Gallery 27, Cork Street, London; The Red Dot Gallery, Wimbledon; William Merrill Gallery, Laguna Beach, California; Ramsden Morrison Gallery, San Diego, California with mixed shows at Staatliche Akademie Der Bildenden, Kunste, Karlsruche, Germany; Sainsbury's Centre for Visual Art, University of East Anglia; Hughes-Castell, Chancery Lane, London; Yoshimi Gallery, Naniwa-Ka, Osaka-City, Japan; Christie's Auction House, King Street, London and elsewhere.
Website: https://www.barrymickleburgh.com

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