COE, Martin

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Martin Coe

Martin P. Coe married at Exeter, Devon in 1990, Nicola Chapman. Around 2010, Martin returned to Suffolk as husband-and-wife artists Martin and Nicola Coe, living and working in Hasketon, just outside Woodbridge where they both have their their own studios in the garden. Martin works with a range of media which include charcoal and pencil on both a large, and small scale. Some of his work is drawn on location whilst other pieces are built up from studies. Martin has begun to return to using oil paints, and his paintings often deal with different views from the drawings, as each process calls for a differing response and working process. Martin creates intimate landscapes of place and time, and he takes his inspiration from travelling through the landscape and skies of Suffolk. A member of Ipswich Art Society and of Artworks East and the Suffolk Open Studio's 2021 from the Garden House, 5 Boulge Road, Hasketon, Woodbridge, Suffolk. He has also exhibited at the Grundisburgh House Gallery, near Ipswich.

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