BLAKE, Audrey

1917 - 2017

Audrey Blake

As Audrey Elsie Alderton, she was born at Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk on 27 November 1917, daughter of Spencer Clarence Alderton (18 April 1894-27 November 1971), a staff clerk for the inland revenue, and his wife Elsie née Berry (4 January 1893-16 April 1982), who married at Bury St Edmund's in 1916. In 1939, Audrey was 'an artist', living at Peruchos, Conyers Green, Great Barton, Suffolk with her parents. Audrey married at Bury St Edmund's on her 23rd birthday on 27 November 1940, Ronald Arthur Blake (6 June 1920-c2001), and painted as Audrey Blake. Audrey was one of the founding members of the Bury St Edmund's Art Society in 1946, which was established to gather like-minded people together to do something that they enjoyed doing and she exhibited at the Bury St Edmund's School of Art in 1954 'The Old Garden'. Audrey also exhibited two watercolours at the Phoenix Art Gallery, Lavenham in 1954. Audrey Elsie Blake moved to Davers Court Care Home, Bury St Edmund's in June 2015, where she died on 27 September 2017.

Works by This Artist