1953 - ?

The Phoenix Art Club was founded about 1953 at 97 High Street, Lavenham, Suffolk and held its first exhibition 'Lavenham in Paint, Pastel and Pencil' at the Phoenix Gallery, Lavenham, Suffolk [q.v.] on 24 May 1954 which was opened by Cavendish Morton [q.v.]. The introduction was by Ronald McCausland-White (1908-1980), owner of the Phoenix Gallery, who was asking for new members.

The committee was
Thomas Bayliss Huxley-Jones (19081968), sculptor
Paul Earee [q.v.] and
James Kidwell Popham [q.v.]

The artists exhibiting in the 1954 exhibition included
Audrey Blake [q.v.]
Dorothy Bradford [q.v.]
Charles Wilfred Hobbis (25 February 1880-4 December 1977) Norfolk
Michael Horne [q.v.]
Mrs Katie Matkin (12 February 1885-20 February 1960) Cambridgeshire
Cavendish Morton [q.v.]
Beryl Mary Pickering (2 December 1918-2003) Cambridgeshire
she married Frederick David Tittensor (1915-2000) in 1954 and they moved to Scotland
Louis Stanley Prince [q.v.]
Albert Ribbans [q.v.]
Humphrey Spender (1910-2005)
Rowland Suddaby [q.v.]
Petrina Edmond Hughina Tennyson-Green (1894-1970) Cambridge
she was born in New Zealand and died at Cambridge
B. Winterton