SPRIGGE, Elizabeth

1829 - 1891

As Elizabeth Jackson, she was born at Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk on 5 December 1829 and baptised at St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmund's on 11 December 1829, second daughter of John Jackson (1781-1858), a solicitor, and his second wife Sarah née Sparke (1803-1858), who married at Bury St Edmund's on 15 November 1823. Elizabeth married at St Mary's Church, Bury St Edmund's on 5 January 1854, Squire Sprigge (1820-11 March 1877), a surgeon of Dereham Road, Watton, Norfolk. On the death of her husband at Watton in 1877, Elizabeth returned to live at Bury St Edmund's and in 1881, a 51-year-old surgeon's widow, living at 19 Hatter Street, Bury St Edmund's with two of her children, James William 17 and Elizabeth Cecil 9, her other children were, John Joshua (1862-1933) and Sir Samuel Squire (1860-1937), all born at Watton and her grand-daughter was the novelist Elizabeth Miriam Squire Sprigge (1900-1974). As Mrs Sprigg, an honorary member of the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1878-1879 and exhibited in 1877 'Winter', in 1878 'Storm', 'Stepping Stones' and another 'Winter' and in 1879 'Summer Afternoon' and, as Mrs Sprigge of Bury, she also exhibited at the Bury St Edmunds Fine Art Society in 1882. Elizabeth Sprigge, formerly of Hatter Street, Bury St Edmund's, died at Port Hill Common, Bengeo, Hertford on 31 May 1891. Their name is variously spelt Sprigg, Spriggs, Spragge, etc.