1933 - 1988

Ernő Szegedi

Ernő Szegedi was born in Okány, Hungary on 5 April 1933. Erno’s right arm was shot off by retreating German soldiers when Erno was just eight years old, but he studied at Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts 1953-1956, under Kisfaludi Zsigmond Strobl (1884-1975). On the civil uprising in 1956, arriving in England straight from escaping the Hungarian Revolution and first studied at Farnham School of Art and was a student at Royal College of Art in London, from where he graduated. A sculptor, he shaped the material with his left arm, making about seventy busts and several life-size children's sculptures. His national group exhibitions were between 1963 and 1980 and his bronze sculptures have been featured regularly at the Royal Academy’s summer exhibitions. Ernő Szegedi was of The Old School, Crowfield, near Ipswich when he died on 16 February 1988 and was buried in his hometown. His wills were declared in 1988 and 1992.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 29 Belsize Avenue, Northwest London
1963 1225 E. Graham, head - bronze
         1255 S. Reisner, head - bronze
1964 1104 Seated Woman - bronze
1965 1475 Mr F. Koblerm, head - bronze
1966 891 My Father - bronze
1967 902 James Cubitt - bronze
1971 1014 Sebastian - bronze
1980 36 The Actor, 'Sandor Elčs' - bronze

Works by This Artist