PULLER, John Anthony

1799 - 1886

John Anthony Puller was born at Bethnal Green, London on 22 January 1799 and baptised at St Mathhew's Church, Bethnal Green on 24 February 1799, son of Joshua Puller (1758-1845) and his wife Elizabeth Ann née Cullen (1765-1853), who married at Stepney on 17 November 1791. Puller's paintings were first recorded when he exhibited two landscapes in oils at the Royal Academy in 1821 and continued to exhibit until 1862 and in 1822, he began exhibiting at the British Institution and in 1825 at the Royal Society of British Artists and exhibited at these three institutions over 170 paintings in over 40 years. He also exhibited at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association at Ipswich in 1850 'Tittlebat Fishers' and 'The Rivals'. His early works were landscapes but within ten years was producing genre scenes, many in oval oils on board. Many of these ovals are identical to Abraham Le Blond's ovals with the same titles. Puller's working life was spent in the East End of London with addresses in Mile End, Shoreditch, and the Hackney Road. In 1851, a 52-year-old artist landscape painter, living at Gloucester Street, Shoreditch with his 67-year-old wife Mary née Liscoe (1783-1868), who was born at Bethnal Green, London. John Anthony Puller exhibited at the Royal Academy 1821-1862 including a drawing with Cornwall artist Thomas Dingle (baptised 25 January 1818) in 1850. He later moved to Clapham and died at the home of his niece in Forest Hill on 30 November 1886, a few weeks before his 88th birthday. His father Joshua Puller also exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1827 from the family home at 66 Church Street, Bethnal Green and oil painting Item 31 'Landscape'.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 66 Church Street, Bethnal Green
1821 75 Landscape
         295 Landscape
from Globe Road, Mile End, London
1823 353 Landscape
1824 277 Landscape
1825 34 Landscape with gravel diggers
from 18 Dorchester Street, New North Road, London
1826 112 Coast Scene near Whitburn
from 13 Wallbrook Row, New North Road, London
1827 469 View on the Thames, near Greenwich
         493 View near Carshalton
1829 204 Landscape
from 47 Great Cambridge Street, Hackney Road, London
1830 887 View on the Thames
from 18 Gloucester Street, West Hackney Road, London
1832 366 A Landscape
from 18 Gloucester Street West, Haggerston, London
1833 65 Landscape, Evening
1834 429 The Village Fountain
1835 210 Fishermen and Children
1836 431 The Grandmother
1839 105 An Interior
1841 272 Giving out the Text
         282 Age and Infancy
1844 548 The Orphans
1845 379 Young Anglers
1846 526 Gathering Water Cresses
1847 90 Cottage Children
         481 Merton Bridge, Surrey
1848 238 Gipsies crossing the Bridge
1849 398 Charity
1850 471 Tittlebat Fishers
         622 The Rivals
         981 Getting the Magpie's Nest - drawing with T Dingle
         1004 Gleaners - drawing
1851 151 A Shower Bath
from 16 Great Cambridge Street, Hackney Road, London
1853 203 Young Anglers
1854 444 Preparing for School
         565 The Young Magpie
1855 416 Blowing up the Fort
1862 The Gipsy's Tent

Works by This Artist