THOMAS, William Cave

1820 - 1906

William Cave Thomas was born in London on 8 May 1820 and baptised at St Mary, Marylebone on 7 June 1820, son of William Claxton Thomas (1792-1869), a picture frame maker and gilder, and his wife Ann née Cave, who married at Westminster, London on 17 December 1818. Young William was a genre painter, etcher, and author, who studied at the Royal Academy Schools in 1838 and spent two years at the Munich Academy from 1840. He exhibited from 1843 when he won a Premium in the Westminster Hall competition also exhibiting in 1845 'Justice'. Painting in both oil and watercolour, he exhibited at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association at Ipswich in 1850, three works 'Alfred Giving a Portion of his Last Loaf to a Pilgrim', 'Thirlmere, Cumberland' and a watercolour 'Near Colwith Force, Westmorland'. In 1871, an 'historical painter', living at 203 Camden Road, St Pancras, London with his 73-year-old widowed mother Ann, his sibling sister, 37-year-old Maria Thane Thomas, and they retained two servants. In 1901, a boarder at 115 Bedford Hill, Streatham, Wandsworth. William Cave Thomas died in the Wandsworth district in 1906, aged 86, he was unmarried. He published 'Pre-Raphaelitism Tested by the Principles of Christianity' (1860).

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 39 London Street, Fitzroy Square, London
1843 1421 A Guardian Angel-Infancy
         1423 A Guardian Angel-Age
1850 451 Alfred giving a portion of his last loaf...
         946 A Design for a picture - drawing
from 72 Newman Street, Oxford Street, London
1851 737 Hope cherishing the Drooping
1852 448 Laura, in Avignon
1853 1095 Clara
1855 497 Rivalry
from 23 Holles Street, Cavendish Square, London
1856 610 The Heir, cast out of the Vineyard
1857 608 Canute, listening to the Monks of Ely
1858 600 Boccaccio in Naples
         765 A Study for the Head of the Saviour - drawing
         876 Christ in the Praetorium
from 6 Wells Street, Oxford Street, London
1859 479 Domenico da Pescia...
         816 The Beauty of Good Deeds
         872 The Harvest Time
         1376 Life's Wreck - electrotype
1861 553 Petrarch's first sight of Laura
1862 555 Eliezer offering the earing and bracelet to Rebekah

Works by This Artist