CROMBIE, Susan Frances

1921 - 1986

As Susan Frances Fox, she was born on 15 October 1921, daughter of Frederick William Fox and his wife Rebecca. As a 13-year-old, in 1933 she sailed for Mombassa, Kenya and in 1960, as a married woman, travelled to Singapore. A self-taught artist who, from 1973, exhibited at the Southwold Art Circle from her South Green Cottage in Southwold. Her brother, Anthony Basil Darwin Fox (1902-1969), of Blyth House, Southwold and 16 Finsbury Circus, London made his fortune on the stock market which in 1962, he funded the provision of more than twenty dwellings for local people at nominal rents and the Fox Trust continues to play a significant role in Southwold life. Susan Frances Fox died at her home, Marine Cottage, 26 South Green, Southwold on 26 March 1986, leaving £200,000 and her brother left over £300,000.

Works by This Artist