1956 - ?

James Maberley

James Harry Astley Maberly was born in Nairobi, Kenya on 26 May 1956, eldest child of John Edward Astley Maberly (7 April 1909-29 March 1976), who was killed in a road accident, and his wife, Australian born Florence Eve Chauvel (20 June 1923-26 September 2016), daughter of General Sir Henry George Chauvel, who married in St Alban's Church, Molo, Kenya on 4 December 1954, James was the nephew of Charles Thomas Astley Maberly (1905-1972), the noted South African artist and author. James was brought up in Zimbabwe, living his early life on a farm before being educated at the Plumtree School in Matabeleland. At the age of 19, James came to England and enlisted in the British Army and, after a year at Sandhurst Military Academy, spent three years in the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards after which he returned to southern Africa. In 1988 he returned to England and studied art at both the Ipswich School of Art 1988-1990, and at the Norwich School of Art, specialising in sculpture and drawing, gaining his B.A. (hons) in Fine Art. He spent the next four years 1993-1997 as an art lecturer at Suffolk College, Ipswich teaching drawing, 3D designs and sculpture and now teaches drawing and sculpture privately from his studio. James never lost interest in Africa, especially Zimbabwe, where he founded a charity, the Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust, to care for dispossessed farmers and their farmworkers and lectures on the challenges currently being faced in Zimbabwe. James Maberly is an author, an artist in both drawings and in sculpture. He married on 2 September 1989, Veronica Rose Rous, daughter of Major Hon. George Nathaniel Rous and Joyce Harpur. He has his studio at Red House Farm, Severalls Road, Dennington, Suffolk where he lives with his wife Veronica and their four children, Edward George Astley, Harry Robert Astley, Jasper James Astley and Joanna Eve Astley. He is the author of 'Why Follow Rules?: Trust your Intuition' (2014).

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