SWANTON, Dorothy

1929 - ?

As Dorothy Pauline Tuck, she was born at Ipswich in 1929, daughter of William Frederick Fyne Tuck (29 November 1891-3 November 1967), a miller, and his wife Hephzibah Eliza Skeet (29 November 1891-7 June 1988), second daughter of George Skeet of Bowling Green Farm, Badingham, Suffolk, William and Hephzibah married at Kennington Baptist Tabernacle, Bristol on 12 July 1916 and in 1939 were living at The Limes, Diss, Norfolk. Dorothy married firstly at Diss in 1956 Gerhard Hauser, and secondly at Diss in 1984, Donald John Swanton (7 February 1924-25 January 2006), and painted under the name of Dorothy Swanton. A member of the Norfolk & Norwich Art Circle 1985-1990 from Diss and a member of the Eye Arts Guild from The Old Granary, Bridge Road, Thrandeston, Suffolk.

Works by This Artist