1906 - 1989

Victor Stanyon

Victor Stanyon was born at Sawtry, Huntingdonshire on 11 September 1906, youngest son of Arthur Stanyon (1871-1937), a postman, and his wife Sarah née Barrett (1873-1962), who married at Huntingdon in 1892. In 1911, Victor was a 4-year-old, living at Front Street, Sawtry, Peterborough with his parents, 39-year-old Arthur and 38-year-old Sarah, with six siblings. Victor was educated at Sawtry Council School winning a scholarship to Fletton Secondary School and to Westminster College where he became Science Master and Instructor of Physical Education. Victor married at the Chapel of Westminster College, London on 4 July 1934, Gwen Stanyon née Willis. In 1939 an administrative officer for Middlesex County Council, living at 136 High Street, Huntingdon with his wife and family. In 1948 Victor and Gwendolen Stanyon, then a local artistic couple, managed Battle of Britain House, formerly named Franklin House, at Ruislip, Middlesex and organised the various art courses offered by the college until they retired about 1971, the house was destroyed by fire in 1984. A committee member, treasurer of the Southwold Art Circle, but may not have exhibited. Victor Stanyon died at 13 York Road, Southwold on 11 March 1989, aged 82.