SWINSTEAD, George Hillyard

1860 - 1926

George Swinstead

George Hillyard Swinstead was born at Chelsea, London in 1860, son of Charles Swinstead (25 July 1815-22 March 1890), headmaster of North London School of Art, and his second wife Jane ne Hillyard (1826-1891), who married at London City in 1847, Charles had previously married Emma Hillyard (1815-1842) at St Pancras, London in 1839. George studied at North London School of Art and at the Royal Academy Schools. In 1881, George was a 20-year-old 'artist picture painter', living at 12 St Mark's Square, Hackney with his parents, 65-year-old Charles and 55-year-old Jane, and four siblings Paul Ernest, B.A., 25, a teacher at University of London; Eliza Jane 22, art teacher drawing; Frank Hillyard 18, 'artist teacher drawing' and John Hillyard 16, scholar. George married at St George's Church, Tufnell Park, London on 16 August 1887, Rosalie Edmonds (1867-1956), third daughter of John Sheppard Edmonds. In 1891 their home was at Weston Park, Hornsey, but they were visiting Walberswick, Suffolk. George was elected to the Royal Society of British Artists in 1893 and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 1907. In 1901, a 40-year-old artist painter, living at 81 Hornsey Rise, Islington with his 33-year-old wife Rosalie and their two daughters, Valerie Emily 12 and Eulalia Hillyard 6. In 1911, an artist painter living at 14 Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead, London with his family. His visits to Walberswick at the turn of the 19th century and his paintings exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists included in 1895 'The Grey River, Walberswick', in 1896 'Walberswick, Suffolk', in 1897 'Morning Breakfast, Walberswick', in 1900 'The Meadow near Southwold' and in 1903 and 'The Harbour's Mouth, Walberswick'. He exhibited four works at the Ipswich Fine Art Club in 1923, 'The Old Mill, Seaford, Sussex', 'After Rain, The Inner Harbour, Polpero, Cornwall', 'The Moorings, Newhaven Harbour' and 'Chapel Rock, Polpero Harbour'. George Hillyard Swinstead died at 14 Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead on 16 January 1926.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 12 St Mark's Square, West Hackney
1882 763 By Appointment
1883 881 'When trumpets call, then homes are taken'
from Ivy Bank, Crouch End Hill, North London
1884 608 'Good things of day begin to droop and browse'
         1524 A Happy Family
         1582 'O merry goes the time...'
1885 603 The First Step
         614 House of Idleness
from Savoy Studio, Savoy House, Strand, W C
1886 64 He's Coming
         602 The First Born
         1227 The Pigeons' Breakfast - watercolour
from Atelier, 24 Weston Park, Crouch End Hill, North London
1887 528 A Surrey Village Common
         969 'And the story of the mouse came true'
1888 540 Rats Toby!
1890 339 Waiting
         500 Baby's Own
1891 368 Granny's May Blossom
1893 425 Half Afraid
1894 296 Evening on the Lyn
         531 A Wet Day, Lynmouth
1895 764 Across the Bridge of Time
1896 948 Her Old Love
1900 270 The Road from Gizen to Cairo
         681 A Wild Flower
         787 Old Boathouse, Littlehampton
from Atelier, 14 Kidderpore Avenue, Finchley, Northwest London
1901 292 'All square and one to play' The Early Days of Golf
1903 340 Poppyland: Erica, daughter of Samuel James, Esq.
         685 Violets: Mrs G. Hillyard Swinstead
1904 71 Pomona's Blossom: Miss Eulalia Hillyard Swinstead
1905 265 The White Horse
         489 Home from the Meadows
1906 112 'Steady'
         820 'Blossoms': Mrs Percy Brooke
1907 381 My Little Bird: Marjorie
1908 932 On her was: Miss Amy Read
1909 36 Mrs Laurence Sloan and her daughter Doris
1912 18 My Old-world Garden
         1051 The Coming Storm - watercolour
1913 1042 Ulvia Hardamager Fjord, Norway - watercolour
1915 443 January Sunshire: Polperro Harboug
1917 737 Boy Scouts Stalking
         750 The Lady Kathleen Rollo, wife of William H Rollo, Esq., Scots Greys
1918 553 Sylvia Diana Minshall, daughter of Col. T H Minshall, DSO., R.E.
1919 399 The Boy Scouts
         495 A Passing Reflection
         1482 The White Comrade, model for a War Memorial - sculpture

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