1963 - ?

Rod MacGregor

Roderick MacGregor was born in the Samford district of Suffolk in 1963, second child of William A. MacGregor and his wife Cherry née Gray, who married in Samford in 1961. Rod was operations manager at SpeedCargo UK 1982-1986 and then for 18 months for Furness Withy, then taking the position as Tug Master at Felixarc Marine Ltd 1998-2002. Rod, as he is known, studied Fine Art at Suffolk College, which changed him from a painter to 'any medium which is suitable, sculpture/installation artist', also studying at the University of East Anglia 1999-2003 obtaining a B.A. (hons.) degree in Fine Art and became a professional commercial artist. Rod has exhibited at 'Christchurch Companion's' at Wolsey Art Gallery, Ipswich and 'Over the Stour' at the same venue. He married in 2001, Rachel L. Gilmore and in 2004 lived at Felixstowe, Suffolk.