BISCHOFF, Ferdinand Henry

1795 - 1854

Ferdinand Bischoff

Ferdinand Henry Bischoff was born in London on 20 May 1795, son of Frederick Bischoff and his wife Penelope Priscilla Augusta née Von Mayersbach (1777-1799), who married at Chiswick, London on 9 December 1792. Ferdinand married at St James's Westminster on 4 January 1820, Mary Hutin and their son was Charles Ferdinand Bischoff. Ferdinand exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists from 178 Sloane Street, London from 1824 and in 1833 from 1 Knightsbridge Terrace, London, all portraits. In 1841, an artist, still living at 1 Knightsbridge Terrace, St George's Hanover Square, Westminster, London. In Kelly's 'Directory of Ipswich 1853', Ferdinand was a portrait painter of Great Colman Street, Ipswich with a separate entry for his son Charles Bischoff. In 1834, a Bischoff became a member of the Ipswich Society of Professional & Amateur Artists, no first initials are given, and this could be his son, which is more likely as it was run by Henry Davy, an art teacher. An exhibitor at the Suffolk Fine Arts Association in August 1850 of oil portraits of 'Samuel Catt, Esq.', 'Mr Henry Clarke', 'J. E. Sparrowe, Esq.', 'Mrs Henry Clarke', 'Study of a Head' and watercolours 'A Family Group', 'G. G. Sampson, Esq.', 'Mrs Robert Burrows', 'Of an Artist', 'A Portrait of a Lady and Child', 'Mrs G. G. Sampson', 'Henry Furze, Esq.', 'Mrs Henry Furze', two entitled 'Portrait of a Lady' and 'Portrait of the late Rev Wm Kirby, MA, FRS, FLS, taken from Life, in his 90th year' which he also exhibited at the Royal Academy, Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service have this incorrectly as by his son. In 1851, as 'Henry Bishop', together with his son were lodging at Great Colman Street, Ipswich, the home of sisters Elizabeth and Kate Boby and two other lodgers. Ferdinand Henry Bischoff died at Ipswich in 1854, aged 59 and buried in St Margaret's Churchyard, Ipswich on 13 December 1854. Some of his other works have been conflated with those of his son.

Royal Academy Exhibits
from 176 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge
1823 488 Portrait of a Gentleman
1827 879 Portrait of his son
from 183 Sloane Street
1829 648 Portrait of his son
1830 718 Portrait of S. Simmonds, Esq.
         862 Portrait of Mr. R. W. Smith
1831 761 Portrait of Miss Hutchison
         835 Portrait of a Gentleman
         913 Portrait of a Lady
from 1 Knightsbridge Terrace
1833 835 Portrait of Mrs. Trevor
         845 Portrait of His Grace the Duke of Gordon
1834 644 Portraits of Mrs. Charles Hammond, of Ipswich and her son
         775 Portrait of the son of J. D. Lewis, Esq.
from 17 Bedford Place, Kensington
1835 752 Portrait of a Lady
         845 Portrait of Mrs. Jackson
1836 753 Portrait of the Rev. John Edgar of Felixstow, Suffolk
         817 The Young Artist
from 1 Knightsbridge Terrace
1840 828 Portrait of A. Patu, son of a New Zealand chief, now under the protection of Captain Kingston,
         of Ipswich
1841 777 Portrait of Master Lewis
         790 Portrait of W. Plinkie, Esq.
         883 Portrait of J. D. Lewis, Esq.
         892 Portrait of J. Forth, Esq.
         911 Portrait of A. P. Gibson, Esq. Consul of the United States of North America at St Petersburgh
1842 909 Portrait of John Pulley, Esq.
         955 Portrait of Charles Pulley, Esq.
1843 695 Portrait of the late Sir Robert Ker Porter, K.C.H., her Majesty's Charge d'Affaires, and Consull
         General at Caracas, Venezuela, South America
         835 Portrait of Mrs Pulley
         842 Portrait of Edward King, Esq., late of the Honourable East India Company Service
         926 Portrait of J. Hall, Esq.
1844 661 Portrait of William Richards, Esq.
1845 700 Portrait of Mr W. Blackburn
1846 783 Portrait of a Lady
         962 Portrait of G. Ferguson, Esq.
from 2 Harriet Street, Lowndes Square
1848 770 Portrait of Mrs Henry Swabey
         796 Portrait of Arthur Batt, Esq.
1849 695 Portrait of the Rev. William Kirby, M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., President of the Entomological Society,
         &., in his ninetieth year.
         703 Portrait of C. M. Leighton, Esq.

Works by This Artist