CHESTNUTT, Christopher

1938 - 2021

Christopher Chestnutt

Christopher Chestnutt was born in 1938. He trained as an architect at the Birmingham School of Architecture during the 1950s. He married at Liverpool in 1963, Judith A. Chestnutt née Harrison. His pen and pencil drawings captured the essence of Suffolk, and his architectural background is revealed in his sensitive pen and pencil observations of East Anglia's built form and its relationship with the regions landscape which were exhibited at the Hadleigh Gallery in 1984. He designed and illustrated three books for The Suffolk Preservation Society 'About Hadleigh', 'Discovering Southwold' and 'Clare: The Place and the People' and advised on and contributed material and illustrations for 'Patterns for Suffolk Buildings' edited by Celia Jennings and published by the Suffolk Building Preservation Trust. His buildings have been illustrated in national architectural journals and have won various awards. Chestnutt was on the council of the Suffolk Association of Architects 1976-1998 and served on the national council of the Royal Institute of British Architects, also on the boards of the British Architectural Library and the RIBA National Architecture Centre 1995-1998. Joint honorary director of the Architecture Gallery, Cambridge 1996-1998 and operated from Annesley House, Great Bealings, Woodbridge, Suffolk. Christopher Chestnutt died on 20 April 2021.

Works by This Artist