c.1851 - 1933

Henry Bailey, was born at Brixton, London about 1851. In 1881, a 29 year old artist painter, lodging at 14 Cunningham Place, Marylebone, London and ten years later, a 39 year old painter living on his own account at 60 Hungerford Road, Islington, London. He had moved to Mistley on the Suffolk/Essex borders before his marriage at Dedham, Essex in 1898, to 48 year old Harriett Howlett when he gave his age as 47. In 1901, a 49 year old painter artist, born Brixton, 'living on own means' at The Hollies, Harwich Road, Mistley, Essex with his 50 year old wife Harriett, born Dedham and her 16 year old daughter, Violet who was born at Mistley and his 1 year old grandson, Ronnie Alcock. A member of the Ipswich Art Club 1902-1903 and exhibited from Holly Place[sic], Mistley in 1902 'A Nip from the North' and 'An Old Tidal Mill'. He also exhibited at the Dudley Gallery; Grosvenor Gallery; Liverpool Walker Art Gallery; Manchester City Art Gallery; the Royal Academy; Royal Society of British Artists; Royal Hibernian Academy and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours, from London in 1880 and Mistley from 1889, his exhibits included 'Cornfield by the Sea' and 'On the Cliffs'. Henry was of Great Burroughs, Wix, Essex when he died at the Tendring Institution, Essex, on 22 February 1933, aged 81.

Works by This Artist