1823 - ?

Royal Hibernian Academy was established by royal charter in Dublin in 1823 for the promotion of fine arts in Ireland and to provide a centre for the exhibition of work by Irish artists holding its first exhibition in 1826 and later extended to include a training school. During the Easter Rising of 1916, the Academy House and Exhibition Galleries were destroyed by fire, and it was not until 1939 that new premises were acquired at 15 Ely Place, Dublin. The Academy holds regular exhibitions and is responsible for many major retrospectives of the work of Irish artists. In 2009 the RHA re-established its school, the RHA drawing school at Ely Place where it has a large drawing studio and six studios which are available to artists through open submissions. Other studios are also administered by the school, such as the Tony O'Malley residency in Kilkenny. Since 2018 it has run TUD accredited courses in painting and drawing techniques delivered by a faculty made up of Academy members and other artists. The RHA is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland through revenue from its Annual Exhibition, and from benefactors, patrons, and friends of the Academy.

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