MANSELL, Marianne

c.1842 - 1923

As Mary Ann Maxwell, she was born around 1842, daughter of George Thomas Maxwell (1819-), a solicitor, and his wife Mary Ann née Hobart. In 1851, young Mary Ann was a 9-year-old, living at Monmouth Road, Paddington, London with her 38-year-old mother Mary Ann Maxwell, a solicitor's wife, born Clifton, Bristol. Her family seem to have adopted the name of Mansell in lieu of Maxwell and in 1871, as Marianne Mansell, a 28-year-old art student, living at 3 Maude Grove, Chelsea with her 56-year-old mother, Mary Ann now Mansell. She studied painting in France and at the Royal Academy Schools, where she won a prize in 1874. In 1881, a 37-year-old teacher of painting (art student), still living with her, now widowed, mother but next door at 5 Maude Grove where Marianne 'an artist' and her mother were still living in 1891. Her mother died at 5 Maude Grove on 13 December 1893, aged 79, leaving some effects to George Thomas William Maxwell Mansell (1845-1927). In 1901, Marianne was a 58-year-old artist (painter), living at 5 Fernshaw Road, Chelsea with her 23-year-old niece Maude Mansell, a governess. A member and exhibitor at the Ipswich Fine Art Club 1890-1908 exhibiting from 5 Maude Grove, Brompton in 1890, five paintings 'Old Houses, Walberswick', 'The Thames, Isleworth', 'Chrysanthemums', 'Roses' and 'A Quiet Corner, Walberswick' she also exhibited two panels. In 1891 she exhibited five paintings including 'Snowed Up', 'Cromer', 'Gainsborough Lane' and 'Marguerites' and was a regular exhibitor showing eight works in 1898, eight in 1900, seven in 1901, nine in 1902, etc. Marianne Mansell died, when still of 5 Fernshaw Road, at Chelsea Infirmary on 17 December 1925, aged 81 [sic], she was unmarried and left her estate to her brother George Maxwell Mansell.

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