1841 - 1929

Charles James Isaac Churchyard, known as Charley, was born at Melton, near Woodbridge, Suffolk in 1841, one of the several artist children of Thomas Churchyard and his wife Harriet Hailes (1797-1865), daughter of Lieut George Hailes RN, of Henley, near Ipswich. Charley failed at several careers and whenever he could, sponged off his cousins and his artist sisters, and ended his life in the Seckford Almshouse. His work is more coldly executed, hard lines and conventional. He exhibited at the Woodbridge Industrial and Art Exhibition in 1887, two pairs of watercolours 'Wood's Lane, Melton' and 'Old Woodbridge Quay'. In 1891, Ďan artistí living in Cumberland Street, Woodbridge. Charles James Isaac Churchyard died at 24 Seckford Hospital, Woodbridge on 31 December 1929, he was unmarried.

Works by This Artist