FINCH, Roger

1924 - 1989

Roger Arthur Finch was born at 32 Bedford Road, Harrow, Middlesex on 24 August 1924, son of William J. Finch (16 December 1897-1964), P.O. telegraphist, and his wife Alice M. née Wood (13 July 1896-1963), who married at Harrow in 1923. Roger Finch was a painter, teacher, and illustrator, notably of seascapes of the English east coast barges. After service in the Fleet Air Arm and qualification as an art teacher he came to Ipswich in 1948 where he taught in several local schools. His detailed knowledge of boats, barges and the sea enabled him to illustrate marine books as well as make accurate portraits of Thames spritsail barges. He shared an exhibition with Geoffrey St John Hollis at the Haste Gallery, Ipswich in 1959 and was included in Haste's 40th Anniversary Exhibition in 1998. His painting of the Thames barge 'Tuesday' was one of a fleet of barges named after each day of the week trading until 1938 between Woodbridge, Ipswich and London which has now been converted as a houseboat in the West Mersey area. The author of 'The Ship Painters' (1975) and 'Pierhead Painters' (1983), Roger Arthur Finch died at Ipswich in 1989.

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