BROCK, William

1874 - c.1935

William Brock, was born at St Pancras, London in 1874, one of the several children of Sir Thomas Brock (1 March 1847-22 August 1922), R.A., sculptor, and his wife Mary Hannah, only child of Richard Sumner, his father Thomas was famous for his statue of Queen Victoria, fronting Buckingham Palace. In 1881, a 6 year old living at 30 Osnaburgh Street, St Pancras, London with his parents, 34 year old Thomas and 29 year old M. H., with six siblings, Tom G. 9, Jessie 8, Catherine 5, Hugh J. 4, Harold 2 and newly born Frederick. William studied at the Royal Academy Schools and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. A landscape and animal painter who exhibits at the Royal Academy 1897-1914, including in 1897 ‘An Orchard Corner in Somersetshire’ and in 1898 ‘Weeds and Waste’. He also exhibited at the Paris Salon, the Fine Art Society, Liverpool Walker Art Gallery from 30 Osnaburgh Street, London 1897 and 1905, Eure, France in 1904. By 1901, the family had moved to 1 Mapesbury Road, Willesden, Middlesex where William is noted as a 26 year old 'artist painter' as was his brother, 20 year old Charles, and in 1911 they were living at 'Merrie Weather', Mayfield, Sussex. William moved to Waldringfield, Suffolk from where a member of Ipswich Art Club 1927-1930 and exhibited in 1927 from Sea View, Waldringfield, Woodbridge an oil 'The Deben, near Woodbridge' and two watercolours 'The Deben by Moonlight' and 'To Sin's Rebuke and my Creator's Praise'. His date of death has been given as 1953, but that William Brock was a 'general labourer'.

Works by This Artist