ARMAN, Frederick Marcus

1908 - 1978

Frederick Marcus Arman was born at 50 Bristol Road, Ipswich on 9 May 1908, eldest son of Henry Marcus Arman (1870-14 August 1931), a surveyor's clerk, and his wife Gertrude Lily née Crane (10 April 1882-24 June 1947), who married at Aylsham, Norfolk in 1905, Frederick was a brother of Mark Arman. In 1921 Frederick's father was head postmaster of Monmouth, living at Rock Cottage, Monmouth, Monmouthshire with his wife and two sons Frederick Marcus 13 and Charles Marcus 7, but by 1924 Frederick was living at The Limes, Marsham, Norfolk. Frederick married at St Gabriel's Church, Plymouth on 16 June 1934, Kathleen Florence Eleanor Fookes, only daughter of Ernest Ralph Fookes of Peverell, Plymouth, and they had two children. Frederick, who was sometimes known by his second name of Marcus, worked for the Post Office and was the first curator of the National Postal Museum and was also a contributor to the Philatelic Bulletin on Victorian postage stamps and a member of the Post Office Art Club, retiring from the Post Office in 1970. A sculptor in wood and metal and exhibited at Lincoln Cathedral, New Metropole Art Centre in Folkestone and elsewhere in the provinces and in America. The author of 'The Reginald M. Phillips Collection of 19th Century British Postage Stamps' (1966). Frederick Marcus Arman died at 28 Rodway Road, Bromley, Kent on 17 February 1978.

Works by This Artist