1819 - 1877

As Emma Smyth[e], she was born at Berners Street, Ipswich and baptised at St Nicholas Street Church, Ipswich on 30 May 1819, daughter of James Smyth (1780-1863) and his wife Sarah Harriet née Skitter; James was an accountant with the bank Bacon, Cobbold, Durningham & Cobbold in Tavern Street, Ipswich added a final 'e' to his surname. Sister to Edward Robert [q.v.] and Thomas Smythe [q.v.], she married at Ipswich in 1853, Robinson Taylor (1806-1864), editor of the 'Ipswich Journal' and in 1861 they, and their two young children, were living at 196 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich. Her husband died in 1864 when Emma continued to teach drawing and painting and she herself was a painter in water-colour and exhibited at the Society of Painters in 1865 and in 1871 was still living at the same address described as 'artist water colour painting'. She died at Ipswich in 1877, aged 56[sic].