RUSSELL, Charles J W

1815 - 1886

Charles J. W. Russell, was an Australian interior and architectural architect. He initialled a watercolour of a rural scene of early Melbourne, 'Collins Street East' (1841), depicting a settler, presumably Russell, his wife and their two children, outside their solid farmhouse, greeting two young hunters. Having abandoned farming and returned to England, Russell was an architect of Ipswich, Suffolk and exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1848 'Chapel Viaduct on the Colchester and Stour Valley Railway'. The gold rush returned him to Victoria, where he recorded some of the shops and shopkeepers at the Bendigo diggings. His watercolour sketches include 'Butcher’s Gully, August 22, 1853' and 'Mr. H. Hinge, Blacksmith’s Shop, Bendigo, Sept. 5 1853' (both La Trobe Library), his 'London Store and Coffee House, F. Talbot, Sept. 4 1853' which has a tent in the background of the painting bearing the sign insciption 'Russell ornamental writer’ with Russell in the foreground engaged in sketching two customers.