POYSER, Alice Ianthe

1873 - 1957

Alice Ianthe Poyser was born at Headington, Oxfordshire on 15 May 1873, daughter of Arthur Horatio Poyser (1849-6 June 1923), barrister-at-law, and his wife Alice née Whytehead (1843-6 March 1918), who married at St Olave's, Marygate, York on 6 June 1872. In 1891, Alice was a 1-year-old, living at Risby House, The Green, Risby, near Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk, the home of her 72-year-old spinster great-aunt Isabella Wastrell 'lunatic by inquisition' with Alice's 47-year-old mother Alice, 'committer of lunatic', with Alice's other children, Ina Frances 16, Irene Grace 14, Gwladys Isabella 10 and Arthur Hampden Ronald Wastrell 6, retaining seven indoor servants, her father Arthur was staying at The Star Hotel, Great Yarmouth. By 1901 the family had returned to live at 1 Laurie Park Road, Lewisham. Alice was a painter of portraits and miniatures in both oil and watercolour and as A. I. Poyser, a member of Ipswich Fine Art Club 1894-1896 and as Ianthe Poyser 1897-1901. She exhibited a portrait in 1895 and four portraits 1896-1897 including an oil 'The Errand Boy' and a watercolour 'A Simple Child'. In 1898 she exhibited from 'Burniston', 1 Lawrie Road, Sydenham, Kent, three watercolours 'Near Babbacombe, Devon', 'On the Sound of Kilbrannan' and 'Carradale' which were her last exhibits. In 1923 she was still living at 'Burniston' in Sydenham and in 1939, she was unmarried and living at Solvieg, Bourne End, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire together with her sister Irene Grace (31 May 1875-8 February 1961) and others. Alice Ianthe Poyser died at 7 Normanton Road South, Croydon, Surrey on 23 October 1957, aged 84.

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