YEATMAN, Jane Ross

1909 - 2003

As Jane Ross Shorrock, she was born at Oakeligh Darwen, Blackburn on 12 August 1909, daughter of William Gordon Shorrock (12 May 1879-1944), a cotton manufacturer, and his wife Ethel Hinimoa née Godby (29 October 1887-1974), who married at Eastbourne, Sussex in 1908 and in 1939 were living at Lower Gate, Morland, Westmorland. Jane married in West Ward, , Westmorland in 1931, Richard Harter, who died in 1938, aged 50, and secondly at Southwark in 1946 Malcolm Bardsley Yeatman (1899-1976). After her first marriage in 1931 she came to East Anglia and studied art under Millicent Margaret Fisher Prout, A.R.A. (1875-1963)and later under Cor Visser [q.v.]. A member of the Colchester Art Society and specialised in watercolours and drawings. A member of the Ipswich Art Club from 1966 and exhibited from Constable Cottage, Langham, Essex in 1964 oils 'Ship Unloading Timber, Ipswich Dock', in 1965 'Maritime Subject' and 'Peonies', in 1966 'Clare', 'Retired Barge Master' and a watercolour 'Langham Church, Essex. A regular exhibitor and from 1973 exhibited from Cosgrove Lodge, Langham three works 'Keeper's Cottage', 'Old Oak Tree' both conte, and a sepia drawing 'Portrait Study' and at their centenary exhibition in 1974 she exhibited a watercolour 'River Gipping at Sproughton' and in 1977 three pictures 'Derelict Hill Farm', 'Oak Tree, St Helen's Hospital' and 'Springtime Puddles' in 1980 'May Trees', 'Dead Wood' and 'Langham Churchyard. She died at Colchester in 2003.

Works by This Artist