1926 - 2014

Jack Haste

Jack Dennis Haste was born at 491 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich in 1926, son of Charles Henry Haste (29 May 1902-23 August 1987), a cabinet maker, and his wife Beatrice Motem née Denny (28 March 1900-1984), who married at Ipswich in 1925. A student at Ipswich School of Art and at SSt Martin's School of Art in London. A member of the British Display Society and representative for Ipswich Chamber of Commerce on the Council of Art. In 1953 he opened the Haste Gallery in Great Colman Street, Ipswich, which closed in 1997 and was also a director of East Anglian Art Shop Ltd and of Smiths Suitall Ltd., both in Ipswich. A member of the Ipswich Art Club from 1958 and was their secretary from 1959, exhibiting from 'Allways', Bent Lane, Rushmere St Andrews, Ipswich in 1958 a watercolour, 'The Creek, Levington' and an oil in 1962 'Evening at Levington' and at the centenary exhibition of Ipswich Art Club in 1974 an oil 'Cornfield at Pin Mill'. He married at Ipswich in 1948, Betty Honeyball (1924-1993) and lived at Bent Lane, Rushmere, Ipswich. Jack Dennis Haste died at Ipswich on 30 March 2014, aged 87, leaving one daughter Jane [Hosking].

Works by This Artist